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I am so tired of this feed. If you do not want your eyelids to droop you absolutely can not have botox injected below the lowest line on your forehead or outside the pupils. It is that simple. READ COMMENT

I have been happy with my botox treatments that I have received over the past 11 years. It is a trial and error process and if you aren't happy with the results it wears off. READ COMMENT

Simply put , the other side was compensating for the lack of movement on the affected side. Those muscles were trying to do all the work. For example that is why the lateral brow pops up when the middle of the forehead is injected. ... READ COMMENT

The masseter muscle injections should be placed near the inferior boarder of the mandible/lower jaw. If done correctly should not affect your smile. READ COMMENT

Placment of the Botox and post treatment insructions are very important to prevent ptosis/droopy lid. The last droopy lid I encountered was 10 years ago as an injector. The angle and placement of the needle is critical to avoid this... READ COMMENT