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The newest pics look nice. It does actually look bigger then before but you look a lot like you wish picture. Tons of women would be satisfied with you results but I understand with you working in a professional setting. Did you take... READ COMMENT

Please, please, please post pics. I am considering Dr J (more than considering really, he seems like the best choice) and the more pictures of his work i see the easier the decision becomes. I am just so so nervous after reading about... READ COMMENT

From the pics you posted you look amazing. Even naturally huge butts have imperfections and we as women are always so hard on ourselves and our bodies. I hope you get what you want with the next operation, his he giving you a discount?... READ COMMENT

Your results look amazing, buy the way. Motivating me even more to start saving...LOL READ COMMENT

Hi i'm considering the same procedure and i was wondering are you still happy with the doctor you chose. I know you were debating between him and perry so i was just wondering were you satisfied with who you picked. READ COMMENT