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They did it at one time, which I didn't think he was going to do all that. The doctor Is. Friend of the family so i trusted him and what hw thought was best. He said artefill Is the good stuff. I just hope it forms like they said. But 4... READ COMMENT

I live I'n houston. They did 2 syringes I'n one cheek and 2 n the other. Plus 2 In each nasal fold. I'm so worried for her Bc she might look like this forever :( Im tAking her I'n for checkup tomorrow. I heard I'n 3 months 80% of it... READ COMMENT

Where are u getting your Injections? My mom Just got 2 artefillartefil In one cheek ans another 2 I'n the other cheek. It's been 3 weeks And doesn't look like herself. I hope I'n 3 months that It will form. Bc If not the doctor we went... READ COMMENT