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Can You Have Ptosis Without Much of a Droopy Eyelid?

Hello Is it possible to have ptosis even though the eyelid(left) does not droop all the time? My left upper eyelid almost always feels tired and kind of itchy. I have noticed... READ MORE

After Rhinoplasty, Is The Tip Swelling or Would I Need Another Rhino? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 6 days ago and I wanted to fix the droop of my nose and the bridge. I'm becoming worried that the surgery has not gone well. The tip still looks... READ MORE

Will This Improve or Will I Need a Revision? if So How Can a Revision Fix my Nose? (photo)

Its been about 24 days which I had my first rhinoplasty but I'm worried that I may need to get a revision I payed close to $10K for my primary which I though would prevent... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Me Needing a Revision with This Nose? (photo)

I had my primary about a month a go and there are a lot of things which worry me at this time. One of the most important ones is on the right side of the image which I have... READ MORE

Would Not Taping Nose Cause This Permanently? Will It Go Down or Would I Need a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had Rhino about 5 months ago and I didn't tape my nose much from what I was told its used to reduce swelling faster. My nose has a scooped out look to it (pic provided).... READ MORE

Red and Bumpy Bridge Where Tape Was Placed?

I'm 5-6 months post up open rhinoplasty and I've been taping my nose for the past few days to get the swelling down. This morning I noticed my left side of the bridge was red... READ MORE

Kenalog Shots Now my Dorsum Looks Huge. When Will it Go Down?

I'm about 6 months post open rhinoplasty. My surgeon injected kenalog at three locations in my dorsal to see if we can prevent getting a polly beak. After the injection by nose... READ MORE

Pollybeak Return After a Year?

I had open rhinoplasty about 10-11 months a go, and after about 4-5 month I started to develop a pollybeak, my nose got injected with steroids 3 times since then and my... READ MORE

How Many Times Can I Get Prk?

I had custom PRK when I was about 19 years old. I was about -6.50 in both eyes and had some astigmatism. I am now 25 years old and I'm 20/40 in one eye and 20/50 in another.... READ MORE

Injecting filler below my left brow. Any suggestions? (photos)

My suspension is that I have some volume loss below my left brow (right in the pics). I want to try filler injections to the area to see the outcome. How safe would filler... READ MORE

What needs to be done to my nose to fix it? I had Rhinoplasty 6 years ago and I'm not satisfied with the results. (photos)

I had primary rhinoplasty about 6 years a go and I'm not satisfied with the results. I have a hanging columella and a bid of a polly beak. Can my nose be fixed without grafts?... READ MORE