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What Can Be Done to Further Treat Small Ice Pick Scars on Cheeks After Frazel and Tazorac?

Hi. I've suffered acne & acne scarring my entire life. I had severe infantile acne that left numerous small ice pick scars on my cheeks. I picked up a few more through... READ MORE

Acne Scarring: Had 5 Fraxel Repair Sessions 5 Years Ago and Now Considering Pearl Laser. Is It Worth It?

I suffered moderate scaring (enlarged pores with some box car &icepick ) on cheeks from infantile acne but some additional through adolescence. 5 years ago I had 5 Fraxel... READ MORE

What Can I Do for Coloration of Dermabraded Area?

Dermabrasion to treat a childhood scar on forehead about 1.5 yr ago. The scar is ~2" vertical, depressed in center and raised on periphery. Dermabrasion improved the scar... READ MORE

Have Had 16 Sessions of Laser Hair Removal. Should I Expect Results from Additional Sessions?

I am a 41 yo, white male. Over past 4 years, I had 16 lhr sessions on under arms, chest, abdomen, shoulders and lower back at 3 different salons. I had average body hair. Now... READ MORE

41 Year White Old Male with Persistent Back Acne?

Back acne since age 12, got considerably worse in early 20's and gradual improvement since. Acne is small red bumps and some white heads. Scratching a bump usually releases a... READ MORE

What is the most effective treatment for rosacea?

I'm 42, white, male, with naturally dark skin tone. Rosacea affects my entire face save around the eyes, eyebrows and at the hairline. It appears as redness, almost... READ MORE

Treatment options for persistent, diffuse rosacea for 43 yo, northern european male with type III/IV skin?

Rosacea progressing since age 30. Always use sunscreen, no sun damage, freckles or wrinkles. Worst trigger is cold, windy weather which leads to burning and stinging. Used... READ MORE

Melasma after Fraxel, made worse by IPL. Besides sun protection & tazorac, what should I do? Is IPL a bad idea?

43yo, male with bl eyes, light br hair, dark complexion. Sought Fraxel re:pair for mild ice pick scars on cheeks. After 5 Fraxel sessions in 07, developed mild bronzing on the... READ MORE

I am approaching the 3 months mark post Artas robotic (FUE) hair transplant. Should I see more growth?

Had 2,400 grafts in Oct to crown, temples and forelock. Healing exceptionally well: most grafts did not shed, recipient area redness is gone, donor area was undetectable within... READ MORE

Still have stubble 10 months post ARTAS FUE Hair Transplant. Might it grow?

Had 2,400 grafts in Oct to crown, temples and forelock. Most grafts did not shed and grew slightly in the first month. No significant growth around month 6. Still have many... READ MORE

Would another FUE help fill in density after first hair transplant?

46 year old male. I had a 2,400 graft ARTAS procedure just over two years ago to the frontal hairline and crown. Results are natural looking except for: -thin spot inside... READ MORE

Follow-up: Would another FUE help fill in density after first hair transplant?

I've been on minoxidil, saw palmetto and 2‰ nizoral shampoo for 8 years, finasteride and laser comb for 2 years. Would the surgeon have trouble finding additional donor hairs i... READ MORE

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Best tips are to get lost of rest, apply polysporin or whatever doctor recommends to donor area, avoid looking in mirror and get some exercise. I went for long walks at night time so no one could really see my hair. Your hair will look... READ COMMENT

I had 2,400 FUE grafts in October, 2014. Based on the pictures, my hair loss wasn't as advanced and my donor area was smaller. The worst of it was over within a week. Most of the scabs had fallen off and the donor area had begun to... READ COMMENT