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1 Month Post-Op Open Tip Rhinoplasty, How Long Would I Need to Wait to Have Revision Done?

I had Tip open- rhinoplasty.I'm one month post-opp,not alot done,refinement of the tip/+ a raised bridge to create a more masculine look.I was happy with the results at... READ MORE

For Revsion Rhinoplasty, to Augment the Dorsum and Radix. Are Temporary Fillers Going to Cause Problems with Revision?

I will have a revsion rhinolasty. I underwent open tip. I want my bridge rasied and radix augemnted, to create a more masculine look. My original PS, is going to revise the... READ MORE

If I Had Tip-Plasty at 6 Months, Can I Have my Dorsum, Radix Augmented Under a Year?

I had a small Tip Rhinoplasty, Now I notice my bridge needs to be raised as well as the radix. I know that revision rhinoplasty is not recommended until one year post surgery.... READ MORE

Do I Have Realistic Expectations For Revision Augmentation Rhinoplasty?

I had augmentation rhinoplasty on my nose in general. Its been 7 months post opp, My PS has agreed to perform the revision.He's going to use an ear cartledge graft, is this... READ MORE

Is it Normal to Not be Put Under for Revision Rhino?

My original PS, is going to perform my revision augmentation of the radix and bridge using donor cartilage from my ear. He says that I do not have to be under for this... READ MORE

Augmentation of Nasal Width

Is it possible to increase the width of the bridge? I am having revision rhinoplasty to augment my nose/ radix & bridge. My PS will be using a graft from my ear. I'm... READ MORE

I Am Getting an Fue Sideburn Enhancement, 100 Hairs 50 on Each Side; Will They Be Natural in Appearance?

I am going to have an FUE procedure done to enhance my sideburns, I eventually want to have my nw 2 hairline repaired as well ( not quit ready to make the jump). My question is... READ MORE

Lazer Hair Removal on Mans Face?

How do i choose the best location/doctor esthetician for laser hair removal on a mans face. Please give me questions to ask? should i go to a dermatologist a doctor.. or is it... READ MORE

Augmenting the Width of my Nose?

I am about to go in for my second rhinoplasty, my first was to correct a saddle nose deformity. The PS. Used my septal cartilage for this surgery. But we both agreed I need a... READ MORE

Fillers in the Nose?

I had Restylane removed from nose a 4 days ago and I am set to go in for Rhinoplasty surgery next Monday, the filler was place by my Dr. to add volume to my bridge and radix. I... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Augmentation Methods?

I am having augmentation rhinoplasty, I have had rhinoplasty before to correct a saddle nose deformity. The first did not require any breaking of the nose or anything like that... READ MORE

Augmentation Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I would like to know how much grafted cartilage would be required to achieve the following result? (2nd photo of my nose photoshop'd) I have had a previous rhinoplasty to... READ MORE

Nose is Red After Augmentation Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I recently had augmentation rhinoplasty, using ear cartilage. The 6th day post-op, I developed a sore throat. My nose was taped not in a cast. Once this was removed I noticed... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Redness One Month Post-op Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty month ago. I had a dorsal augmentation using my ear cartilage and I still get redness and swelling which is mainly in the bottom third of the nose. My... READ MORE

I would like my asymmetrical nostrils corrected. How would this be done? Is this a difficult task?

The asymmetry seems to make one nostril look attached at a higher or lower point than the other. Is this something that a surgery could improve. I am not looking for perfect... READ MORE

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