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How Hard Would It Be to Fix a Nasal Valve Collapse That Has Already Been Done with Spreader Grafts?

Left turb has been reduced some as i thought that might be cause for congestion after nasal valve collapse surgery. HOwever, that did not solve the problem either. AT this... READ MORE

Can Any Dr Tell Me by This Photo What Might Be Problem with Congestion on Left Side?

I've been told i still have some nasal valve collapse afer 2010 surgery where spreader grafts were used. My septum was also rebuilt at that time using rib cartlidge.... READ MORE

Would Enlarged IT or Moderate Nasal Valve Collapse Be More Likely to Cause Infections?

Just wondering if an enlarged inferior turbinate , or a moderate nasal valve collapse would be more likely to cause repeated infections??I was told it would be turbinate... READ MORE

Can a Moderate to Severe Nasal Valve Collapse Cause Chronic Sinus Infections?

Just wondering if a moderate to severe nasal valve collapse can cause chronic infections, as i've been told i have an external nasal vavle collapse and keep getting one... READ MORE

Can a Fairly Severe Nasal Valve Collapse Cause Extreme Dryness and Congestion?

Hello, I'm trying to find out if a pretty severe nasal valve collapse can cause extreme dryness and congestion on the collapsed side. You can visibly see and feel where... READ MORE

Having Reconstructive Surgery. Will Adding Septum Cartlilage Back in Help with Vocal Resonance and Power?

Hello, I'm having to surgery to fix a nasal valve collapse as well as put some cartlidge back in the septum where it was overly shaved down. Being a singer do you think that... READ MORE

Can Septal Cartlidge Added Back in Compensate for Any Dryness (Ens Type) Issues I May Have Prior to Getting Nasal Valve Surgery?

I have complicated case. I'm lacking adequate septal cartlidge from a previous surgery (left side). I also have a bad collapsed valve that must be fixed. Due to a previous left... READ MORE

What is the best way to diagnose if too large spreader grafts were used to fix a severe nasal valve collapse?

I had spreader grafts used over a yr ago to fix a severe valve collapse. Turbinate on left side was slightly reduced as it was originally blamed on congestion from collapse.... READ MORE

How difficult is it to replace a large spreader graft with a smaller one?

Had large spreader grafts put in to fix a collapse. However, I'm missing about 15% of left inferior turb head. The larger graft on that left side is just too much. Way to much... READ MORE

Nasal valve has recollapsed for a second time: Is there still a possibility it can be fixed?

Had nasal valve surgery in 2010 , but valve was not fixed . Had valve surgery in 2012 and it was fixed. However, I think due possibly to a freak accident where nose was hit ,... READ MORE

Any Dr in Houston area on this site that would consider doing a revision surgery to fix a nasal valve collapse?

Had nasal valve re-collapse and am looking for a dr in Houston that would consider doing revision surgery to repair a nasal valve collapse . Spreader grafts were previously... READ MORE

How long will nose stay swollen after cartilage graft into septal wall?

Hello, I recently had small piece of cartilage added into septum to compensate for a lack of inferior turbinate. Goal of the surgery was to cut back on some of the airflow I... READ MORE

What symptoms would you have if you had a rib cartilage implant into septum get infected?

I recently had a rib cartilage implant from bone bank put into septum to close up space from Inferior Turbinate that had been overly reduced. It helped solve nasal sounding... READ MORE

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Can Someone Recommend Some of the Best Drs for Nasal Reconstructive Surgery in Houston ,TX?

I have very unsual case with my nasal structure. Just wondering if some of you could recommend a dr, or a few drs in Houston ,Tx or surrounding area that would be experts in... READ MORE