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Can I Have a Second Blephroplasty ?

Hello! I'm 16 years old and I had blepharoplasty about 3 months that costed me around $700 , the results I have is that both eyes do not match and my right eyelid and brow... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Revision Eyelid Surgery if too Much was Removed During First Surgery?

Can I have a second Bleph. even thought the first surgery the Doctor made a mistake by cutting too much from the right eye upper eyelid and leaving the left one normal.. So... READ MORE

Options To Fix Asymmetry and Droopy Eyebrow? (photo)

Hi Doctors My left eyebrow is normal , always in its right place never changing .While my right eyebrow is droopy and heavy and always changing , I mean some days It's... READ MORE

One Eye Was Overcorrected, Can I Have a Second Eye Lid Surgery?

I had an upper eyelid surgery on both eyes 4 months ago . well the doctor did a good job on my left eye while he corrupted my right eye leaving it short ( what I mean is that... READ MORE

Cheek Implants VS. Botox in Cheeks ?

Do you Think It Is better To have Botox in cheeks or do cheek implants cosmetic surgery? READ MORE

My Right Eye Is Constantly Dry After Eyelid Surgery, Why is This Happening?

6 months post upper eyelid surgery ( my right upper eye lid was raised too much) on both eyes and when I don't put GenTeal and Tobradex on My RIGHT EYE , allergies happen ,... READ MORE

Eyelid Not Closing While Asleep, Advice?

Many Of you Doctors wrote things like " I would see an opthamologist and discuss options such as plugs, tape, and make sure you are using proper eye ointments and... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From Eyelid Skin Grafting?

One told me that i may need a skin grafting for my upper eyelid ..because it's not closing after the doctor cut too much ? so my Q is what is skin grafting ? and THANK YOU... READ MORE

Will There Be a Difference In Lid Color After a Skin Graft For Overcorrected Surgery?

I had an upper eyelid surgery done about 7 months ago , but the doctor cut too much from my upper eyelid that left my eye not closing while asleep . so doctors here on RealSelf... READ MORE

Weird Feeling in Eyelashes?

It's been like 3 weeks and there's like weird feeling in my right eye upper eyelashes ...i don't know how to explain it but it's like someone is pulling the... READ MORE

My Lower Jaw is Not in Its Right Place After 2yrs of Braces. Am I a Candidate for Surgery?

Hi. My lower jaw is not in its right place after having 2 years braces . I mean when I eat It clicks from the inside causing my family to feel bad and grossed out from me , and... READ MORE

What Can You Do for my Eyelid?

I had my upper eyelids done about 14 months ago but the doctor cut too much from my right eye which caused it to be more "pulled",so regularly there is an infection in the... READ MORE

Can my Eyes Be Fixed and Look Symmetrical Ever Again? (photo)

I did an eyelid surgery on both of my eyes but the doctor did a good job on my left eye and left my right eyelid looking disfigured!!..I stopped taking photos ..weakened my... READ MORE

Would you recommend Plasma scalp injections to thin hair?

My brother has thin hair , you can see his scalp, I hate that it bothers him so I was wondering if plasma injection in the scalp would thicken his hair like the before and... READ MORE

Can I apply skincare products topically (on the face) that contain salicylic acid if I have the G6PD deficiency?

Hello I have G6PD deficiency and I am very very interested in some facial pads that exfoliate or peel the face (very safe don't worry ) however they have salicylic acid , so if... READ MORE

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Bad Vs. Good Plastic Surgeons

Hi.How to know if the P.surgeon you are dealing with is a bad surgeon ..and how to know if he's a good surgeon . how to spot a good surgeon (online) because many times he... READ MORE

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I understand your decision . I think that you should do your homework before going for surgery ... When i do my forehead reduction I am gonna choose Dr.Gal aharanov .in beverly hills , just see his reviews and his patients . all best of... READ COMMENT

Hello there , Could you please tell me how many cm were reduced from the forehead ...and btw that Chin is the best decision you made , it just perfected the proportions . READ COMMENT

Ahhh She should seek some help (psychologically) . READ COMMENT