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I was just stitched.Flaps are often needed on noses. Once the circle was cut out and the all cells were removed, the surgeon immediately repaired it in a straight line .As our skin is so flexible he slid it together in a straight line... READ COMMENT

Correction ! My incision was approx the size of a 20 cent piece. 9mm x 11 mm sounds too big . READ COMMENT

I had my surgery late October at one side of my face, near my mouth.The suture line is barely visible now. I had a rounded excision approx 9mm x 11mm which has shrunk to a 4.5 mm long scar since the sweling has gone down.The surgeon has... READ COMMENT

I had my surgery yesterday and fortunately for me I only needed one layer removed.I have very little discomfort.The suture line is quite long but in line with my natural creases on my cheek so I expect in time it will barely be noticible. READ COMMENT

Thank you ! You are reassuring. I am a registered nurse and I still don't like the look of this ! I am in Sydney in good hands (and will be back in Melb next year.) So if I end up with an excision the size of 50 cents I will not be... READ COMMENT