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Frak1964. I needed these for the past 10 years. I remember the first time I called was probably 8 years ago and my reaction was the same as yours. WOW! I'll never be able to afford those so I'll just live with missing/failing teeth... READ COMMENT

GL090563 - Whoop whoop. I've actually been in my temps for a year this month. I go tomorrow for a final fitting. Where else can you absolutely pick your own smile? I didn't like the first fitting and had them make changes. Then on... READ COMMENT

I'm very sorry but this does not add up. This is a surgery and you son would not have been in the room to know you were in pain. The oral surgeon and anesthetist work hand in hand during the entire procedure and there is no way they... READ COMMENT

I mean Central America. READ COMMENT

Good question Megan. Answer, you are left with faulty work with a dentist that is in South America. I could go for something like that on dentures or a crown or something but if they are cutting my gums and drilling in my jaw bone, I... READ COMMENT