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I just had my first round of sculptra treatment all went well. next one is in December.. However now im scared i read on a post that someones "face got chubby" from sculptra did anyone else have this problem? READ COMMENT

What did she use on you? i just had sculptra on my cheek bones and chin area cost me $1,000 i will need 3 more treatments READ COMMENT

Opppppppsy sorry I made a mistake by hitting the wrong key! my age is 62 not 52 as stated( wishfulllllll thinking) guess I need new glasses hahahah READ COMMENT

Hi Trisha333 yeah I love the arnica pills, I also used the arnica gel I dont have any bruises at all at this time.. To answer your question on age.. I am 52 yrs :0 and injectables used juvederm ultra on my lips...I... READ COMMENT

Just hang in there bigwil.. sculptra does not work over night It takes a few treatments you will love the finished look..:) READ COMMENT