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Questions from jenfromzen

Where Can One Go for Augmentation of the Temple or Forehead?

I have extremely long narrow face compared to average person including temple/forehead area and I can tell when looking at the mirror that if this area were fuller, it would... READ MORE

Can Botox Fix Too High Eyebrows After Brow Lift?

I have long face so one of the things I did was to lower my hairline with brow lift. I still don't have a small forehead, but eventually plan to transplant some hair... READ MORE

How Do You Find out More About Dermasonic Cellulite Treatment?

Does anyone know about device that uses ultrasonic waves? Is there difference between that and some $100 ultrasound machine you can buy for home use? And what about the 2nd... READ MORE

Does Brachioplasty Help with Skin Overhang/Wrinkling of Elbows?

When my arm is fully extended my upper arm sags into my elbow, making it look very old and wrinkly. I'm 38, but I feel like when my arm hangs down it looks I don't know... READ MORE

Teeth Flare/bow out from Being Straigtened with Braces in a Narrow Jaw. Can Fix Somehow?

Flare pushes upper lip out so upper & lower lip can't meet at rest. My mouth hangs open like a fish. It causes my teeth stick out too far when I smile, bottom lip then... READ MORE

If You Have Vertical Maxillary Excess AND a Long Upper Lip Can Both Be Fixed?

Would I be able to find one doctor that can fix both problems? I have a long face in general and I want to shorten both the upper lip and the upper jaw. If I shorten my longer... READ MORE

I Want Further Shorten Previously Shortened Chin, What is Best Method, is my Goal Achievable? (photo)

I used photoshop to give idea of what I want. I'm smiling so that makes my chin more prominent. Few years ago was told there's soft tissue in chin that can be removed,... READ MORE

Would This Autologous Flap Procedure Work for my Lower Buttock Sagging Problem? Do Not Want Regular Butt Lift. (photo)

I want know if I can have this procedure that Dr. Sozer in El Paso does. I can't seem get him to let me know & I live in NY... READ MORE

Can anyone in the metro NY area do a tuck of the lower buttock for sagging/flatness of the lower buttocks?

I think it's skin sag & loss of supporting structure of lower buttock than a fat issue. I'm physically fit. 100 lbs at 5'4. No fat injections bec doesn't work, fat... READ MORE

I read MiXto SX laser is being used for elbow sag. Anyone on here using it for that?

Can anyone on here prove with photos, patient recommendations success with this? Especially drs in NY? READ MORE

I see fat transfer to breasts. Can you do the opposite?

Say I have ample boobs, but no hips and no fat anywhere else. I wear 34 B. Could I still reduce breasts at least even if can't use it to plump up hips bec I hate having boobs... READ MORE

Are doctors willing to do breast reduction on B cup?

Like if a petite framed athletic woman with no hips would rather be flatter chested? I'm middle aged so I would hope a dr could respect I'm old enough to make this decision. READ MORE

Why can't I get a gluteal fold type of excision to fix the sagging and extra folds at bottom of buttock? (photo)

I swear I don't mind scars. Already have other scars and had hamstring surgery at IT band. See below photo and tell me why can't I get this improved???????!!!!!!! I lift... READ MORE

If I don't have that much body fat how do I get bigger hips? I need to be more hourglass? (Photo)

If I don't have that much body fat how do I get the bigger hips I need to be more hourglass? Am I supposed to eat a higher fat diet? I already have masses of PMMA and I'm still... READ MORE

If you know you had PMMA injected into sides in hips region is it possible to scrape any out?

Have any doctors successfully removed PMMA? It was not silicone. But is PMMA as hard to remove? It was Newplastic PMMA. Some wound up on front of pelvis. Has some hard nodules.... READ MORE

Fat transfer on thin women lasts how long in hips and buttocks? Fat reabsorbs?

When I view good before after photos of thin women with fat transfer to hips & buttocks what i wonder is how long after the procedure are such post op pics taken? If only a few... READ MORE

Would it make sense to reduce only the larger breast? Left is bigger (Photo)

Most before after pics are of women with breasts much bigger than mine. How do I see what someone more similar to me would look like? I'm distance runner or triathlete physique... READ MORE

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I still think it would be shame if there's no way to sue her. I think if someone in the US did that to me I'd go after them no matter what. I know a bankruptcy clears her of debts, I don't know that protects her against lawsuits, she... READ COMMENT