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Revision rhinoplasty NYC -please see my updates

I am day 13 of my first asianrhinoplasty ( also combined with Septoplasty and inferior turbinate reduction) . No words can described the regrets I had for going under the knife and so very unnecessary. I should done more homework and not have taken this prodcure lightly. I always been called pretty and sweet in my life even thou i have a typical asian nose with very flat bridge but it somehow... READ MORE

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I Hate My Nose 1 Week Post-Op, How Can I Get It Back To Normal?

Hi I am an asaian patient who just went thru a rhino and septoplasty about 9 days ago. The casts came off at day 7, and I was horrified on how my nose looked. Its huge and no... READ MORE

Anyone Ever Hated the Post Op Rhinoplasty Look and then Like It Later?

I am in tears and regrets.postops7 days - I saw my nose with cast off... the bridge is way too high and my nose is so HUGE..literally deformed looking. Is this swollen or if... READ MORE

Why Am I Supposed to Wait 8-10 Months Before Having Either Revision or Implant Removal?

Im a bit confused, some Doctors said it's ok to remove implants as soon as possible while others said 8 to 10 months at least. So is it because you advise patients to wait... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Revers an Asian Rhinoplasty?

Did anyone ever had anyone patient who asked to reverse the Rhinoplasty? Is it possible for me to go back to the way I looked? I was happy and wanted just an enhancement but my... READ MORE

Rhinplasty Donor Rib Implant, How Easy to Remove?

I thought I had gor Tex implant but it turned out to be donor rib instead for my bridge on Asian rhinoplasty. This is 12 days after and I still hate it. The doctor keep telling... READ MORE

Who is the Best Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon to Remove Donor Rib Cartiliage (Bridge and Tip)?

Thank you in advance but can you recommend me the best rhinoplasty surgeon who specialize in asian rhinoplasty - I want to remove my donor rib bridge and tip. Basically I want... READ MORE

Removal Rib Grafts and Reverting Should Be Done by Same Doctor?

Is the best doctor to revert an asain rhinoplasty .....the same doctor who did the surgeon since he knows what he did.... How can I trust him? Really appreciate your opinion. Thx READ MORE

Rib Graft Bridge and Tip... Crooked, What Are my Options?

I am 1.5 months post ops and it's very obvious that my rib graft is crooked from the Start of my bridge to the tip... Much to the left. Is the only option to have another... READ MORE

12 Days After Surgery my Nasal Bridge is Still Bruised. Normal?

I just has a revision and my surgeon replaced my implant with a silicone (lower than my primary implant donor rib). The outcome is much better and natural! I am very grateful... READ MORE

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Anyone had rib graft removed from bridge and tip?

I am doing all the research I can and going to consultation to understand how and when I can undo or try to reverse my Asian rhinoplasty. It's been a terrible mistake and... READ MORE

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I responded last night so please ck :) READ COMMENT

Sure, I will ck the message and help in anyway I can for sure! READ COMMENT

Sure, I will respond READ COMMENT

I am so sorry to hear your on going battle. I too went thru a very bad primary rhinoplasty with an inexperienced surgeon and suffered for 9 months. I am glad I didn't go back to the same doctor as if he did such a bad job the first... READ COMMENT

Hi Jessica , I think I'll be going back to OR in another month or 2 .... May I ask once you removed your rib implant and tip... Did your nose looked the same? Did your surgeon shave your bone or anything with your primary rhino? I am... READ COMMENT