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Skin damaged by VI Peel

I had the VI peel 4 months ago in June of 2011. If I had written this review a month after I had had the peel, it would have been a glowing review. The peel itself was fine - 5-6 days of feeling like you have sunburnt skin, and skin started peel after about 3 days to reveal the most amazing, glorious skin I had ever seen. I followed the instructions and precautions TO THE LETTER. The skin... READ MORE

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Hi Cv, I know that I have damage from the laser treatment as significant changes to my skin happened almost instantly after the procedure. However, I didn't have this issue with pores or bumps until a couple of months ago after I'd had... READ COMMENT

Hi cv, I'll post some more pics soon when I do a review of the Accent - just building up the force to do it as I haven't fully confronted the fact that because of my decision, I've ended up with crepy lines when I smile the like of... READ COMMENT

Hi cv, I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. I've ended up with bad damage myself after a single Accent laser treatment which ended up damaging my dermis and leaving me with crepey lines when I smile and all sorts of other... READ COMMENT

Hi Yairis, I'm really sorry to hear about what you're going through. I'm having a really bad day today myself. I'm just terrified about what's happening to my skin. It's like it's aged by 10 years in the space of a few months. The... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your posts. I don't know if the treatment clogged more pores. It's more like they've got really big and joined together to make horrible slits. The texture has also got really bumpy. SQ, yes I would think long and hard... READ COMMENT