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Lipo with Fat Transfer to my Butt- BBL - Miami, FL

So I have been doing my research and ive ended up at Vanity Cosmetic surgery. I was told that Dr.Hasan is the best there and the end results are natural, which is what I am looking for, Let me tell you that I have seen ugly BBL where its sad. Anyhow my goal is to have an Hour glass shape, small waist and a butt with a form. I currently have flat but some butt at the bottom. I met with Dr... READ MORE

Zerona? is It Really Worth It? - Miami Beach, FL

My reason for choosing Zerona was my doctors idea. He had done Vaser lipo, and i had NO results with my vaser so he offered the Zerona at free of charge. so i am hoping this time around i see some darn results. Ok today has been my 3rd treatment of mon-wed-fri and ive been eating well. but no results yet. ive been weighing myself though and i have lost 3 lbs but well lets see. ok so i... READ MORE

UNHAPPY Vaser Liposuction (Abdomen, Hips/flanks, & Posterior Chest - Miami Beach, FL

24 yrs old & i have 2 kids. Very anxious to get this done & also feeling lots of anxiety to the point i want to back out. Ive had a tummy tuck done before and had an awful experience. the dumb doc left extra fat on my hips. & i hope this doctors does the job RIGHT!! & Also so when i try to loose weight that are just stays and gives me no hope of loosing more weight. so ive... READ MORE

Questions from Lousvyctory

Had Vaser Lipo, They Removed 1300 CC and I See No Results, Why?

Please explain why there seem to be no results.  if its liters please also explain. i want to know in pounds or something to make me feel like something was done. You can... READ MORE

What NOT to Do on Zerona? Can I Have A Few Drinks?

Ok im on the Zerona treatments. Ive been doing well on my diet & alcohol intake. Can i sneak a few drinks on the weekend? I am not on any supplements, just the Zerona. Thanks READ MORE

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Butt measures 45 inches READ COMMENT

Jardons cosmetic surgery. Dr Abuzeni. He also uses PRP which helps the fat stay READ COMMENT

Call about the death he had and you will hear their answer.. this is to start off. READ COMMENT