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I think you look fantastic! Congratulations!! READ COMMENT

Can you post a picture please? You might be able to have them surgically removed. it would be most helpful if you posted a picture. READ COMMENT

I had my undereye filler dissolved with no ill effects at all, so if you have lumps and problems with the filler I would get it dissolved. Just ask them to go slow and use less dissolving agent. You can always go back for more another... READ COMMENT

Dr. Fagien is an eye specialist. He would be the person to consult with to get it fixed and could possibly replace some of the hollow that you referred to restoring your original eyelid position. READ COMMENT

PS I know what you don't like. It's the change in your lid show on upper lid. Ill try to send you a link of a doctor in Calif. who reinjects the fat so you can see how it changes lid position. I am sure that Fagien does that too. READ COMMENT