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Is TCA Cross, Not TCA Peel, Truly an Effective Method for Treating Ice Pick Scars?

I've seen numerous pictures posted by users/patients (not doctors) on sites, like acne.org, who have had amazing success with TCA Cross on ice pick scars. Many of them have... READ MORE

How Long Should You Wait Between Fractional CO2 Laser Treatments After Treating Deep Acne Scars?

I have ice pick & boxcar scars. I was treated with Deep FX 3 months ago & am seeing good improvement. I don't want to compromise my progress with scar treatment.... READ MORE

Any Doctors Experienced with Treating Acne Scars Using Total FX Multi Layer Technique?

I am anxious to improve my acne scars. I have read about & seen a video on Total FX "multi layer technique". The technique was developed by Dr. Matteo Tretti Clementoni.... READ MORE

Wanted - Total FX Doctor Recommendation(s) for Acne Scar Treatment in Los Angeles?

I am having a difficult time finding an experienced doctor in Los Angeles, who has a proven track record with treating acne scars using Total FX. I have consulted with numerous... READ MORE

Will Taking Arnica Montana and Bromelain to Lessen Bruising After Subcision of Acne Scars Lessen my Results?

I am planning to have light subcision combined with Belotero filler on some shallow acne scars. I was planning to take Arnica Montana and Bromelain to prevent/lessent bruising... READ MORE

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Also, I experienced hyperpigmentation too after all three laser treatments, despite using hydroquinone pre & post-op morning and night. I do have Asian skin though and expected a few months of hyperpigmentation. Even with consistent use... READ COMMENT

Hi, I have done Total FX twice now and Deep FX once. I have experienced amazing improvement to deep pitted scars. I wouldn't let dolvid's comment discourage you. Everyone responds differently and laser settings make a huge difference... READ COMMENT