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Cellulaze Consults - Chicago, Illinois

I made appointments with four doctors for this. I live in Illinois. Wish there were doctors in Illinois who participanted in the trials. They would have more experience. My first appointment is tomorrow with a Dr. Mir Joffrey in Schaumburg. The other three are Dr. Kenneth Stein, Dr. Fenner, and Dr. John Bull. I found all my referrals on the company website, website. I will... READ MORE

Questions from carol1125

I Have Visible Cellulite when I Stand/sit, but Not when Lying Down. Is This Moderate for the Cellulaze Treatment?

I am a little confused on what I have been reading on the grades of cellulite for cellulaze. It would be great if mine was moderate!! Update here READ MORE

For Cellulaze Grading, I Am Stage 2 on the Nurnberger - Muller Scale. Is This Considered Moderate for Cellulite?

I only have visible cellulite when I stand, Not when I am sitting or lying down. Is this a moderate grade for the cellulaze treatment? READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-op After Cellulaze and my Feet and Ankles Are Still Swollen?

Three weeks ago I had Cellulaze done on the front of both thighs, left outer thigh and buttocks. I have been wearing a compression garment 24/7. Four days post-op, the swelling... READ MORE

Disappointed So Far -When Do You Start Seeing Results with Cellulaze?

I know full results take 3 to 6 months. But when do you start seeing results? And I am not talking about swelling that masks the cellulite, and people are mistaking this ( like... READ MORE

What type of butt implant will help me achieve a heart/a-shape booty? (Photo)

I had a Brazilian butt lift a year ago, but didn't have a lot of fat to transfer. I am seriously considering getting butt implants this time. Which type/shape butt implant... READ MORE

Recent comments from carol1125

Thank you for your honest reviews. So sorry. He should have given you your money back! One good thing, he certainly has lost future revenue after people read your comments. More so, than if he paid you back! I would never go to... READ COMMENT

As someone who has had both surgeries, the BBL and one year later, an implant, please don't waste your money on the BBL. It won't give you the results you are looking for, and you are going to wind up spending more money like I did,... READ COMMENT

Hi chgoflory, No, I cancelled the appointment and flew out to New Jersey to have it done with Dr. Dibernardo. He had the most experience and that was the deciding factor. READ COMMENT

Yes, that is normal, unfortunately. I am six weeks out for the first half and not even a week for the other parts. Very sore for the parts that were done on June 1st. Hardly sore for front of my thighs anymore, which was done six... READ COMMENT

I had a lot and so they broke it down to two days. Had the other half done on June 1st. I flew from Chicago to New Jersey to Dr. DiBernardo,the lead doctor in the trials. READ COMMENT