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No, you don't get it. It was medically proven to reduce inches no matter what you do. That's a fact. No one is asking you to be on a diet, you are asked not to take in more than you usually would. People tend to eat more junk food once... READ COMMENT

Don't let those few people here discourage you. Over 1 million people did it and only 50 or so unhappy people here. I'm pretty sure those are much better odds than people having bad side effects from taking Advil. Usually a tingling... READ COMMENT

Sorry to burst your bubble but there aren't dozens of blogs. By definition dozen means 12 and since you put an "s" at the end that means there are at least 2 dozens so 24 blogs! I'm only on 2 blogs because there aren't any other ones to... READ COMMENT

He bought a Groupon, that's why it was cheaper. For you to prove that it didn't work means you have to get the measurements form from the clinic that treated including the photos they took (if they took) and then get a copy of the... READ COMMENT

Sorry to disappoint you but i'm not a company rep, at least get your facts together. I'm a business owner who bought Zerona machines in 2009 and been treating clients succesfully for the past 4 years. I don't work for Erchonia or anyone... READ COMMENT