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Fillers Migration! - San Francisco, CA

I got under eyes fillers from him, and it migrated downward since May. Now, it still hangs on the top of my cheeks. I keep waiting and waiting but it seems to be there with no change. Now, I have to decide whether to "delete" this Restylane or not. I don't want to have "another" issue. Maybe, I just have to wait around a year. Finger-crossed. READ MORE

Questions from Giselle_9

Can I Have Sculptra Injections with Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis Arthritis?

I have both Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis Arthritis. Am I a poor candidate for Sculptra? My cheek and temple area are hollow. Thanks so much. READ MORE

Can Artefill Be Used for Temples? Is This Product Risky for This Area?

Can Artefill be used for temples? Is this product risky for this area? I have no fat left in my temples. I also have Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis. READ MORE

Can ArteFill Be Used by People with Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis?

Can ArteFill be used by people with Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis? READ MORE

Eyebrows Loss from Minoxidil?

I used minoxidil for about 1 week because of hairline receding. Then, I got hair loss, which might be just a "shedding" process. Thus, I stopped using Minoxidil since then.... READ MORE

Too Often Botox Injection Cause Permanent Eyebrows to Droop?

I got Botox for 3 times. The second one was March 20th, but unfortunately the third one was just June 18th. This means it's been only 3 months between 2 Botox injections. I... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Prepare for Ultherapy Treatment? (Arnica Montana or Avoiding Ibruprofen Something Like That?)

What should I do to prepare for Ultherapy treatment? Should I take Arnica Montana or avoiding Ibuprofen? How long should I take or not take those pills before the Ulthera? READ MORE

Can Nerve Damage from Ulthera Be Permanent?

I'm having the ulthera next week but very wonder about nerve damage. If (in case) I unfortunately get it, how long does it last? Can the damage be permanent? READ MORE

Can Ulthera Droop the Corner of the Mouth Due to Nerve Damage? Should I Avoid Doing This Near my Mouth?

Can Ulthera droop the corner of the mouth due to nerve damage? Should I avoid doing this near my mouth? I have a marionette lines and droopy jowls. I want to get rid of it, but... READ MORE

Ulthera and People with Muscle Athrophy?

I got a lot of laser that caused my muscle to be a bit more atrophy and wasting. Does ultherapy work on muscle layer? Can it help with people with muscle atrophy ? Sorry for... READ MORE

Why Should We Avoid Suana/hot Tub After Ultherapy? If I Didn't, Will Something Bad Happen?

I just found some articles about how to take care of myself after ulthera. They say to avoid hot tub for the first week. However, I did ulthera last week, and I do hot tub... READ MORE

Ultherapy Makes Me Look Like a Chipmunk. Is This Swelling? Is This Normal?

I had ultherapy done just last week around my jowls. Strangely enough, I had it done just one side of my face because another side is not much droopy. After the ulthera, I just... READ MORE

Can Leftover Filler Be Used?

My doctor injected half syringe of Juvederm (Ultra) for my nasolabial fold, ans he said to come back for follow up next time. And he will use another half syringe, if... READ MORE

Can I Take a Steroid Medicine (Methyprednisolone) After Ulthera?

I got ultherapy 2 weeks ago. After that I got severe neck problems, I had took Ibruprofen now and then with no help. So, my doctor told me to use steroid medicine... READ MORE

Can I Do Mini (lower) Facelift After TMJ Surgery (Fat Graft Surgery or Bone Graft)?

Can I do mini(lower) facelift after TMJ surgery (fat graft surgery or bone graft)? I had a fat graft surgery done (replacing the discs with fat in the belly). Right now, I'm in... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Ptosis? (photo)

I got brow ptosis, but my main concern is lower eyelid ptosis. Could I do anything about it? I've heard it's very hard to fix. READ MORE

Am I too thin for fat transfer for shoulder (muscular dystrophy) 5'6"/ 106pounds? (Photo)

I got muscular dystrophy and my shoulder looks skeleton! Can fat transfer/injection help? Am I too thin for this area? (I can do just one area if I'm too thin for a leather... READ MORE

Recent comments from Giselle_9

Which kind of laser is that? And what is it called ?? Thanks so much. READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for your understanding. Unfortunately, I'm scared of the "Hyaluronidase effects" that many talk about in Realself. I know it's technically safe, but I don't want to take a risk, as I look very bad already right now... READ COMMENT

I got EYEBROWS loss from this product! And it was suggested from my doctor to use it too (it is HIS version of minoxidil, so there is NO WARNING on the side of the bottle). Like you, after the EYEBROWS shedding, I researched a lot and... READ COMMENT