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Can a Mid Face Lift Help with the Baggy Cheeks? I Have Big, Baggy Droopy Cheeks. (photo)

When my face is in a neutral positionI have baggy cheeks that looks saggy from nose down. When I smile my cheeks lift up and i then have a heart shaped face but when in neutral... READ MORE

Hard Asymetrical Swelling After MASC Lift Could It Be Deep Hematoma?

I am 7 days post-op MACS lift,my PS removed the bandages yesterday and i finished a course of antibiotics as of lastnight my PS said that my stitches are healing very well,... READ MORE

Atrophic Scarring following Pulsed Dye Laser treatment on facial veins and diffuse redness (Photo)

PDL treatment with V beam perfecta; 7mm spot; 9.5 J/cm2; 0.45ms; DCD 30:20 and 10 J/cm2 and 1.5 ms. Some areas scabbed and I used vaseline and hydrocortisone %1 scabs came off... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to address the jowls? (Photos)

I have had macs lift about 4 years ago but now it seems that the jawline is again drooping, I was wondering what would be the best solution to address this issue. Would fat... READ MORE

Uneven eyes following eyelid blepharoplasty ptosis and canthoplasty surgery? (photo)

It has been two weeks since I had upper bhlep, ptosis and cantoplasty surgery. I know that swelling is still prominent however I am concerned about how both my eyes look so... READ MORE