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Now The Wait Begins - Walnut Creek, CA

Hi Everyone! Well after months of research, including reading all of these reviews, I committed to having Ultherapy done this afternoon. I will detail my experience and then (drumroll please) I WILL be posting pictures at the 3 month mark. I think reviews are not too useful without the photographic evidence. So here we go: I am 38, and am having Ultherapy to see if it can raise my... READ MORE

Amazing Stuff - San Francisco, CA

I have fair, sensitive skin, and I have had a great experience with Retin-A, which I wanted to share. This stuff is amazing - I see an immediate and lasting effect on the quality of my skin. I never got redness, irritation, or much flaking (just a touch in the creases on either side of my nose) to the point where it was bothersome. Perhaps it was how I applied it - here is what I... READ MORE

Went For It - San Francisco, CA

Wow, looking at my pics is a bit of a bummer. I spent too much money and although *I* see the difference, not a single person has commented. Aside from my sister, who saw me when I was swollen two days afterward, and said "What did you do to your face?!" I think I had an unrealistic idea of how much better this would make me look. I had a vague idea that this could 'fix' how... READ MORE

Vitalize Peel - Palo Alto, CA

Ok, so I've only had one done so far, and it is not an intense peel, but I see a real, albeit subtle difference in skin texture and color. One warning - WEAR sunscreen after at all times - I haven't been vigilant and after a few weeks my sunspots have come back to some extent. I got a peel to help with dull skin, visible pores and sunspots. I'm 37 and new to all of this.... READ MORE

Questions from jojo_cc

What's Better for Dull, Uneven Skin, Acne and Sunspots, a Peel or IPL? (photo)

I'm 37 with light skin and some skin laxity. I have adult acne, no acne scarring, and tend to redden around my nose and mouth. I've had one Vitalize peel, which went... READ MORE

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Thanks SO much for changing your mind and posting pictures. It really helps us get an idea of what to expect. You look great and if I had your results I would be thrilled! READ COMMENT

Where did you have it done? READ COMMENT

I agree about the sunscreen, especially as Retin A will make you more sunsensitive. As for the breakouts, perhaps the base - cream or ointment - of the RAM has something to do with it. . . READ COMMENT

I use Clarins, they have a physical barrier sunscreen that is the bomb. I use physical barrier sunscreen - zinc oxide, sits on top, instead of the traditional chemical barrier, and I've had good luck with that. My sister uses a... READ COMMENT

HI guys, thanks for the all of the feedback. Someone asked my age - I'm 37. And I did take arnica but not bromelain, -wish i had taken both. It is hard to tell the difference from these pictures, as the lighting is different, and much... READ COMMENT