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First Injection Today...

I'm 40 years old and I've been debating trying Sculptra for a long time. I'm a runner, very active and typically burn thru fillers within 2 months. After going to a few PS and other RN's and not getting good results, and by not good, I mean I looked weird and unnatural! I finally found a bunch of great reviews on yelp for Michelle Hunter RN( I think it's called Zona Med Spa, it's in... READ MORE

39 Year Old, Fast Metabolism. Scottsdale, AZ

Hi there: I've been to a few injectors in the area with not so great results. It seemed the botox would only last a month, or not at all. I've also tried a filler here and there with the same results. One dermatologist and two ps. Then I found Michele Hunter Off the 101/Shea in Scottdale. Not only does my botox last, she also did my tear/ under eye area. No lumps/bumps/ bruising. ...... READ MORE

Dr. Hobgood in Scottsdale, AZ- Love my New Nose!! Rhino, Tip, and Full Sinus Surgery- I Was a Mess!! - Gilbert, AZ

I will post pictures soon- they took before pix at the office that I will obtain and then add what I look like today. I had a really bad nose; really boxy, long, tall, crooked and just big. It didn't fit my tiny face or body at all. Dr Hobgood knew going into it that it was a tough nose to work on- he told me!! He's very easy to talk to, I consulted with 8 doctors before chosing him. I also... READ MORE

Questions from danalynn

Rhino changed my smile- it's been over two years.

I had open rhino surgery two years ago. It's changed my smile in two ways. 1. My upper lift is stiff, I get a weird crease that looks unnatural when I smile. 2. My smile isn't... READ MORE

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Looks very natural! I'm getting it on Tuesday, same area. Please let me know if anything weird happens before then. Lol READ COMMENT

Great to hear it's lasted this long. I'm contemplating a mini vs full. People I know who have had minis say they last, docs seem to think they do not. So pretty! READ COMMENT

Great results, beautiful lady. I'm torn between the mini and a full. I'm 41 and have similar neck issues. The rest of my face is in pretty good shape, it's the jowls and neck. I've heard the mini is very temporary, what are your... READ COMMENT

Looks great! How was the recovery? Looks very natural!! READ COMMENT

Did you have a neck lift done at the same time, or just FL? I've seen this a lot, it's the only thing that's held me back from getting one. READ COMMENT