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Questions from igalok

Can Laser Rhinoplasty Reduce the Thickness of the Skin?

Hello, i have read that laser rhinoplasty can reduce the thickness of the skin -is that true? can it deals with thick tips? how the skin doesn't grow back? READ MORE

Making Eyes More Attractive

Hello, I'm 26 yr old male. Although I have nothing wrong with them ' i would like to make them more "male attractive" either by blepharoplasty or by deeper... READ MORE

Diprospan Following Rhinoplasty For Scar Tissue, What Potential Side-Effects Are There?

Hello,i'm a patient with thick skin. I recieved a topical Diprospan (betamethasone) injection 2 years after my first rhinoplasty in order to reduce the scar tissue and it... READ MORE

Why are Surgeons Against Topical Steroids After Rhinoplasty?

Why usually the experts say that nothing will thin the skin in rhinoplasty, when i can see by myself that steroids do thin the skin? Why most of them against topical steroid? READ MORE

Considering Chin Implant? (photo)

Hello, I'm 27 yr old male. I have slight decreased chin projection. I'm trying to decide which Terino implant will be better for me : terino square chin style 1 or terino... READ MORE

Day and Night Nose Difference?

Hello Doctors, I'm 28 yr old male with quite thick skin nose, 3 years ago i did rhinoplasty . After that i injected 3 times with diprospan and got radiesse, there is a huge... READ MORE

Deltoid implants for shoulder augmentation? (photo)

I'm looking for shoulder to shoulder width enlargement. As i know there are no shoulder / clavicle enlargement, would the deltoid augmentation be the right operation for me?... READ MORE

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It looks great! What brand is this chin implant? READ COMMENT