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Don't Ever Get Radiesse in the Nasolobial Area - Newport Beach, CA

I had Radiesse injected in this area 3 1/2 years ago and it's still mostly there! I had 2 syringes done (one on each side) & it left me overfilled. every year that passes, I keep checking it to see if it's gone down and it barely dissolves. I've spoken with my doctor about this (the one who injected me) & he said the original studies on radiesse were that it lasted 4 years.... READ MORE

Questions from nikibeach

Will Back of Electric Toothbrush Help Radiesse Dissolve Faster?

I had 2 syringes of radiesse injected into nasiolobal lines 4 years ago! it's still there - almost completely on the sides, more has dissipated on the top. will pressing... READ MORE

Orange County Doctor That Uses Vitrase Needed - Orange County

I'm looking for a doctor/practitioner in Orange Country that uses brand vitrase to dissolve juverderm under the eyes. I had juv syringe (1) under each eye 1.5 year ago... READ MORE

Looking for Orange County, CA, Board Certified Facial Doctor to Remove Radiesse from Sides of Mouth? (photo)

I had 2 syringes of radiesse injected into my nasolabiol lines 5 years ago. I was overfilled & hated it. it faded at the top portion (from my nose down the sides - about 1... READ MORE

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I woudn't suggest using the clarisonic on any eye area. the skin is too thin. better to use the back of a sonicare toothbrush (if the vibration is too strong, wrap it in a tissue & then apply the back of the toothbrush to the radiesse... READ COMMENT

Take a break if it's causing inflammation. you don't want to press too hard either. try maybe 5 mins a day - every other day. READ COMMENT

It's helping a little. it seems to be a very slow process. it took over 2 years for the radiesse to dissolve in the upper part of my nasolabial lines (where there's alot of movement) - the sides is where i'm still left with it. So, I... READ COMMENT

Your doctor is just like all the ignorant ones on here who don't want to take responsibility for injecting a semi-permanent filler that you can't remove. trust me - it's no scar tissue. I've had radiesse along the sides of my mouth for... READ COMMENT

Hi Tiffany - the radiesse is SLOWLY going away - not fast. But, I figure....even if it takes 6 months of this - still better than waiting years - which is what I've been doing. READ COMMENT