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Do I Have a Hypertrophic Scar? (photo)

About 3 months ago I had a bike accident and got road rash on my face. The left side of my upper lip was gashed up pretty bad, but i kept it out of the sun for that time. It... READ MORE

Does Pigment Return to the Vermilion Border of the Upper Lip?

I am wondering if the pigment of the upper lip fills in if you get a minor scrape on your vermilion border. READ MORE

Stem Cells to Treat Skin Scars

Hello, I was just wondering what your views are on the potential of stem cells to regenerate the dermis and eliminate scars. I am looking for hopeful and helpful comments.... READ MORE

Restore Definition in Vermilion Border Without Filler?

Hi, I have a few areas in the border of my lips where the definition is not a perfect line and is pale like the surrounding skin. I'm wondering if it is possible to restore... READ MORE

Enlarged Pore After Pimple?

I had a pimple on my upper lip about one month ago that was not very large. I applied a sulfur acne treatment and the pimple became quite pussy and after a steam, while i was... READ MORE

Lip Line Scar Hypopigmented?

I had a bicycle injury about a year ago that left me with a small scar on the vermilion border of my lip. This scar is not the same color as the rest of my lip, since it is... READ MORE

Ice Pick Scar Treatments?

Hello I have few small (less than a millimeter in diameter) ice pick scars on my face. They don't seem that deep, and I don't know if they could just be enlarged pores... READ MORE

Ice Pick Scar Problem After Exfoliation?

Hello, I noticed an ice pick scar on my face around two weeks ago, I have later noticed that this ice pick scar has stretched out in the last day. I did quite a vigorous... READ MORE

Scarless Healing. Will This Be Possible?

Hello, I am just curious about your views on the idea of scarless healing. Do you think in the future it will be possible to completely eliminate scars through skin... READ MORE

Facial Mole Removal. What Treatment Do You Suggest?

Hello, I have several moles on my face. They are all relatively circular and around 2 maybe 3 mm in diameter. All of these moles are basically flat. I have been to a... READ MORE