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Yes, I was 53 when I had my TT, Lipo, Fat grafting to the buttocks, and last bladder repair. I have no regrets. Since then I have gained about 10lbs, so saggy abdomen will never come back.. This June 2014, I am thinking about having... READ COMMENT

I believe your MD's office sets your procedure with the hospital. And it is the hospital's part of the routine to set up your bloodwork. During your post op is where you get your IV pain meds. Because your body needs those pain meds... READ COMMENT

I was in pain, and I was given a hydromorphone pca, at a push of a button I was able to give myself the med as needed. I am a big baby when it comes to pain, so it was not bad. The second day I got off IV pca and prescribed Percocet... READ COMMENT

I did not make it very clear about the lower butt. If one adds fg to the upper or mid area, that the lower butt would lift on its own. And that is ok. What was not ok, was adding fg to the lower butt. If anyone has any more info... READ COMMENT

Cont., my fg to buttocks. My lower butt sags a little due to gravity and getting older. So I asked my PS about that area and he said if we added more fat to the mid-buttocks that the lower butt would automatically lift. I did some... READ COMMENT