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Questions About Laser Hair Removal For Sensitive Fair Skin And Fine Dark Hair?

Worried as I had a bad exp with ipl, will really appreciate if someone can ans these. I have sensitive, fair skin and fine dark hair. 1. Will hair grow back a few years after... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Only Works for Hair in the Anagen Phase?

I've never shaved my arms because I'm afraid it'll appear thicker when it grows so since the hair was there for many years, it should be in the telogen phase then?... READ MORE

Will Retinyl Palmitate Thin or Thicken the Skin

I've read that it boosts collagen, helps produce new skin cells and thickens the skin but I've also read that it is an exfoliator and thins the skin out READ MORE

How Does Skin Rejuvenation Work

Is it the same as skin resurfacing? Will skin rejuvenation thin out the epidermis? READ MORE

What Kind of Moles Are Suitable for Radiosurgery Mole Removal?

I have a mole on my face which is protruding and about 4mm. I'm interested in radiosurgery as I've heard that it would leave a minimal scar but I don't know if my... READ MORE

Can I Fix a Single Crooked Tooth?

I have a crooked top molar; When I was little, I had a stubborn milk tooth but the dentist advised me against removing it and my permanent tooth grew out from the side. The... READ MORE

Can I Remove Hyperpigmentation on Tongue by Laser?

I have some tiny black spots on the tip of my tongue since a few years ago and it stayed there. Can it be removed by laser? What kind of doctor should I see? A dermatologist,... READ MORE

Could the moles at my pubic area be mucosal melanoma? (Photo)

I noticed 3 small moles at my pubic region a few years ago and didn't think much of it. Recently, I noticed that they all grew much bigger than they were and there are also 2... READ MORE