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I Am Breast Feeding, Can I Have PDT?

Very interested in photodynamic therapy but am breast feeding (combined with weaning) a child of 11 months. Should I delay treatment or is it safe to go a head? READ MORE

PDT Derma Roller and Fractional Ablative Laser Combination. What Is Normal Treatment Time and How Safe?

Hi, I am in my early 40's have sun damaged skin and am planning to have PDT soon. I am also considering having fractional ablative laser after to deal with my many fine... READ MORE

Photodynamic Therapy PDT. Will 2 or 3 Sessions Be Effective?

I'm a bit confused about PDT. What I don't understand is how deep UVB/A damage goes into the skin and if PDT is capable of dealing with all these previously damaged cells... READ MORE


Does Retin-A have any long term benefits? Reducing the chance of getting skin cancer etc? Also if I was to start using Retin A-aged 50 and stopped aged 80, would my skin... READ MORE

Retin-A Hair Loss?

Can Retin-A cause hair loss? I ask because I have woken many mornings to find an eyelash/eye brow on my face whilst using Retin-A. READ MORE

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How are you? The recovery? READ COMMENT

Update please. How are the results and are you pleased? READ COMMENT

Well done you! It will be worth it I'm sure. I used RetinA for a 6 months and then stopped six days before treatment. One hour with cream and longer on the face. READ COMMENT

How are you doing? READ COMMENT

Thats great to hear. Has the PDT been as effected as you expected? READ COMMENT