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Hollowness under eyes

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2 Mar 2017, Created 4 months ago

Hardik Soni, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Excellent and thorough consultation, by looking together at the screen and analyzing 3D pictures, Dr Soni explained how to fix depression under eyes. He applied Restylane under eyes and jowls, didn't feel a thing, and I love the results. Already got my appt. to start Picosure treatment to treat my aging skin, next step will schedule appts. to start Profound lift. Very recommendable doctor.... READ MORE

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Can I Have TITAN Laser Done After Having Sculptra Treatment Done On My Face?

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Hi there, I understand what you are going through, somehow I feel better that I am not the only one that are having bad experience with "great rated" doctors... it is sooooo hard to find some practicioner who cares, I know it is a... READ COMMENT

Oh, Suzy, results are great... I have the same problem under the eye, I think mine is worst, I am saving to have it done as soon as possible. It is amazing how the whole face changes when we fix the problems under the eye. I can't wait... READ COMMENT

You look great!, love your new hair color btw. READ COMMENT