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I am glad you are doing much better! I won't argue about what you US surgeon said about a drain only remaining in for 5 days vs, being installed until the volume of fluid decreases to a certain volume. Complications from cosmetic... READ COMMENT

I wanted to repeat here the lessons learned from my wife and I going overseas for a tummy tuck. If you return to the US and end up with seroma (diagnosed by Skype or pictures sent to your operating cosmetic surgeon and by the rather... READ COMMENT

I am sorry that you had difficulties during recovery. -When did you realize you had an abdominal seroma? (Before or after you left thr DR for your home?) -Did your original surgeon follow up with you in any way after you returned... READ COMMENT

Constipation with big time meds is always possible. We found with my wife's TT, if she kept drinking water and took a fiber tab each day, her digestive system restarted without to much pain. As for pain management after you go off big... READ COMMENT

This article must not be ignored - and should at least be used to ask deep questions about the standards of the facility , the staff and the surgeon's certifications. http://bigstory.ap... READ COMMENT