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It is not enough of a result to justify the weeks of pain. You might as well have a tummy tuck or lipo. The whole point of this is supposed to be the convenience and results. My fat simply moved up so now instead of having love... READ COMMENT

Mine was several weeks till they prescribed the proper meds. The only thing that works is Gabapentin. And I am ready to start a class action suit as so many people have suffered pain. The company is claiming that this is a lunch time... READ COMMENT

Update: Well 8 months later and I can't really recommend this procedure. While I do see a difference, there was just too much recovery time and pain. One side is smaller than the other with the area treated now pouchy and loose. In... READ COMMENT

I had the same and everyone kept saying that I was the only one and that only 16 patients had ever had this result which is obviously not true. I was on Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycodone before being prescribed Gabapentin which is the... READ COMMENT

I actually gained ten pounds because I was in intense pain for a month and unable to do much or want to cook. Had to order in a lot or do fast food. READ COMMENT