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Questions from Jennylea

Will my Implant Rupture from Pressure of Laying on and Reaching Down off Side of Bed?

I am about 2 weeks post-op under the muscle saline 350 cc. I was laying on my chest and put even more force on one breast leaned over on an angle as I reached down to grab... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Breast Aug. Post-op Massage & Capsule Squeeze Procedures?

I just want to be sure I have not been doing the wrong thing. What is the difference between breast Augmentation post-op massage and capsule squeeze procedures? READ MORE

Under MAC Anesthesia Would I Have Talked During the Time Being Sedated?

I had under the muscle 350-380 cc breast augmentation. I was sedated with MAC anesthesia which I know for sure one part of it was ketamine. Would I have talked during this... READ MORE

What Was The Paperwork I Signed Before Surgery?

I had to sign a few different pages of paperwork before surgery, what do youthink they were? I have no recollection. READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op Hearing A Clicking on Part of Implant, Is This the Valve?

I had under the muscle saline implants put in about three weeks ago. The Brand was Natrelle by Allergan, 65 mp ,300cc filled to 350cc. I feel a clicking or something when I... READ MORE

Is It Possible for the Pocket To Widen By Movement After Surgery?

I had a BA six weeks ago. I am nervous that my pocket could widen by movements I do after reading some horror stories on the web. I had 360/380 sub pectoral saline implants. READ MORE

Am I Doing the Correct Breast Augmentation Post-op Massage So As Not to Widen Pocket?

I have sub- pectoral saline implants 360-380cc. I am seven weeks post-op. I have only been doing massage of implants inward to encourage implants to come together more and... READ MORE

Breasts Seem Spaced a Bit Far Apart After BA?

I am seven weeks post op sub-pectoral saline filled implants 360cc and 380cc. I feel as though my implants are a bit widely spaced apart. Here is a picture. What do you think? READ MORE

Can Post-op Breast Massage Cause Rippling to Occur?

Is it possible for post-op breast massage to cause rippling to occur? I have saline sub-pectoral implants 360-380cc. READ MORE