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How Many CC's to Go From a B Cup to a Full C / Small D Cup Look? (Photos)

I am about 5'2'' 115-118 pounds I am about a B cup. I want a really a full C small D look. I am deciding between the 397 and the 421 smooth moderate silicone... READ MORE

CC Difference when Searching for an Ideal Look? (photo)

So after my last question I realized that u cannot ask for a size, but u can suggest a look you may one to come close to. In my initial consultation I was deciding between a... READ MORE

What Are Things I Should Be Doing to Prepare for Breast Implant Surgery?

What do most surgeons advise patients to do say a week or two before an augmentation? Ex: Don't eat this don't wear that. I've always just been curious. Thank you! READ MORE

Advice For Breast Augmentation Recovery- Vacation Scheduled 2 Weeks Post Op

I am getting my breasts done on Dec 14th and my family is going on vacation Dec 30th. Assuming everything is normal and okay is it safe to go on vacation, and does anyone have... READ MORE

Is It Bad to Loose Weight Before Breast Augmentation?

Is It Bad to Loose Weight Before Breast Augmentation? READ MORE

Failed Scheduling- Reflect on Outcome?

Breast augmentation was set for Dec14 I found out today they sched me for 21st which I can't make due to healing process and a trip @ end of month. I cant get it any later... READ MORE

Do I Have too Much Breast Tissue to Achieve the Results I Desire with Implants? (photo)

So my preop is soon. So I know during my preoop we go over and figure out sizing. So I was told I have a good enough amount of breast tissue that I could do silicone or saline.... READ MORE

Should I Lay Off Caffeine Before Breast Augmentation?

Should someone lay off caffeine before a breast augmentation? READ MORE

Should I Discontinue Dietary Supplements And Laxatives Before Surgery?

I am currently taking The Cleaner and Oxy Elite Pro my surgery is in two weeks do i stop taking these? and i am also taking laxatives 3 times a week do these need to stop... READ MORE

Will Moving of my IMF Cause Double Bubble?

I have a skilled surgeon, highly liked and recommended and board certified. they said that when doing my implant to make it fit correctly (I'm getting a Midrange 421... READ MORE

Anesthesia Costs For Different Types?

I am purely just curious but if you are a surgeon who offers both general and twilight anesthesia, do you charge higher for one? READ MORE

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What incision did you get?! They look amazing! READ COMMENT

And it cost 6800? READ COMMENT

Did u get silicone or saline done by him? READ COMMENT