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Love Love Love ! My Results from Dr Davoudi - Atlanta, GA

I decided to have Liposuctions of the flanks, lower abs and thighs after having a Tummy Tuck Oct 5th of 2011. The PS I went to for my TT, I informed him that I needed lipo of the flanks and abs, as well as the tummy tuck, but he stated, he didn’t think I needed any liposuction. So here I ‘am after 11 months after my tummy tuck, I decided to get my Lipo done and to use Dr. Davoudi. I knew whe... READ MORE

5 weeks PO from lipo of the abs, flanks and legs. Great results!

Today I went to have a Consultation for lipo for the inner thighs and flanks. The consultation went very well! I think I like the PS better then the PS who did my Tummy tuck back in October of 2011. I so excited about getting this done. I wish the PS I had for my TT would have just done it from the start. When this new PS saw my results from the TT ( preformed by different doctor), he stated... READ MORE

One year from TT, 6 weeks from lipo. Loving results!!! Added few new pictures

Hello Everyone! I'm a 33 years old mother of two. I have two boys ages 4 and 1. When Pregnant with my second child I developed an umbilical hernia. I decided after walking around with a pointy belly I wanted to get the hernia repaired. Found a wonderful doctor to do the hernia repair, and he informed me if I wanted he would also repair my abdominal muscles and Tuck my stomach for almost... READ MORE

Questions from Brooksie

10 Days Post Op, Still Not Able to Stand Up Straight After FTT Surgery, Why is That?

Hello, I'm 10 days post op and I was wondering should I still have difficulties with standing up straight? I unable to stand for a long period of time because getting... READ MORE

6 Days Post Op TT, Lots of Swelling Around the Whole Incision Area and Tightness, Is this Normal?

Hello, I'am 16 days post op and I still have lots of swelling around the whole incision area and tightness. My stomach looks as if I'm 3-4 months pregnant and at times... READ MORE

After 4 Weeks Discovered I Had a Seroma

After 4 weeks post op from a tummy tuck, I was told I had a seroma at my 4 week post op appointment. The PS had to drain the area using a needle and syringe. The Doctor ended... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Op from a Tummy Tuck, Could I Possibly Have a Pseudo-bursa? (photo)

Could I have a Pseudo-bursa?At 4 weeks post op,had a seroma, which developed at 2weeks post was drain,when PS drained the Seroma,he drained 450cc from it.The following... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Darking of the Skin Around the Belly Button at 4 Months Post Op? (photo)

Is it normal to have darking of the skin around the belly button at 4 months Post op? I didnt have this darking of belly button before.To the right of the belly button there is... READ MORE

Recent comments from Brooksie

I got lipo done last August and now trying to keep the fat cell from returning ( hard work)LOL. I don't with surgery. I'm trying to focus on eating right and getting my but outside to walk or run. Trying to be fit is hard work,... READ COMMENT

Looking good Girl!!! READ COMMENT

Been Great! How are you? I see your results are looking great? I'm actually having a little pain when I sneezing in certain areas. My doctor states my nerve ending must not have connected from the Yummy tuck. So I now have to have... READ COMMENT

I see you got your Lipo down, you look good! You looked good before and now even better....Keep up the good work READ COMMENT