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My Son Has Been on Accutane for 8 Weeks His Acne Has Gotten Much Worse.

I'm afraid that the accutane has mad him worse and he may scar from it. how long does it take to start to see improvement? and how do you know if your acne will leave scars? READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Red Marks on My Son's Face 3 Months Into Accutane?

His face is left with very bad red marks. why is this happening and what can we do to diminish this redness. READ MORE

Accutane Affecting White Blood Count, Is this Normal?

My son is in the middle of his fifth month on accutane his white blood count has dropped slightly. His dr. wants to stop the medicine for two weeks pending another blood test.... READ MORE

Warm Sensation Below Knee After Jogging on Treadmill?

One day after running on the treadmill which I haven't used in about six weeks I started to feel a warm sensation below my knee, above my left shin. it lasts about a 3... READ MORE

I Am a 44 Yr Old Women my Hair Has Been Thinning for About 7yrs. I Have Been Using Womens Rogaine for the Past 3yrs?

Does rogaine stop working after a while. I'm starting to see more hair loss then before as if the product has stopped working for me. what are the best products to use for... READ MORE