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Is Smart Lipo a Good Choice for Poor Skin Elasticity?

I am 23, 5'3 and about 120lbs. I have lost about 45 pounds in the past 5 years and have a VERY mushy mid-section with moderate fat and plenty of loose skin. With... READ MORE

Do Canadian Doctors Perform Smart Lipo with Aspiration?

I have read on various posts on this board that the FDA approved SmartLipo in the USA only when done in conjunction with some sort of aspiration. Does the same hold true for... READ MORE

Options for Genetic or Venous Congestion Caused Dark Eye Circles

If it is genetic or due to venous congestion, what is the best route to pursue? I'm only 23 but my dark circles have been there pretty much my whole life, and now they are so... READ MORE

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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience with it. It sounds, however, like your negative experience is more a result of your specific doctor and lack of "proper" patient care and follow-up RATHER than... READ COMMENT

OMG You look fantastic already! Your results really are great and you can see a huge difference~ Congrats! Thanks for posting pics!! READ COMMENT

Hey JenMO, Glad to hear that things are going well for you so far! From what I've heard, the lower abs area always one of the last places for swelling to go down...It may take a few weeks still before that area really starts to... READ COMMENT

Catylilme, How did your lipo go??? I hope everything went great for you! I'd love to hear all about it when you feel up to it and get a chance ;) READ COMMENT

Hey Amy Joy, I'm not really that young at all...I'm 23!!! LOL. I finished teacher's college last year, for heaven's sake! Haha. If I am certified to teach teenagers, you'd THINK that that would mean I am old enough to make decent... READ COMMENT