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Questions from bribri

What Happens if You Stop Invisalign Early?

This is out of complete curiosity. Nothing to do with refunds or anything like that. If someone was happy with their results mid-treatment and was planning on wearing the... READ MORE

lifetime enhancement warranty

My husband is considering LASIK surgery, and the doctor we went to quoted us a price for the surgery, and also the surgery with a 1 year, 5 year, and lifetime enhacement... READ MORE

Alternative for Injectables for Laugh Lines?

Hello, I am 37 and have fairly deep laugh lines. I have had them for a long time, and I truly hate them. I have an appt to have Juvederm, but after reading some horror stories,... READ MORE

Lioness facial filler? (Photo)

Hello, Some local spas are beginning to carry a product called Lioness that is supposed to dramatically help with deeper lines around the mouth. Many are starting to host... READ MORE

Discussions started by bribri

help for smile lines

Well, I just cancelled the appt I had for Juvederm injections for my smile lines tomorrow.  I've just heard too many bad stories, and it's a risk I'm not willing to take... READ MORE

old deep white stretch marks

Hello,   Can anyone tell me if there's ANY way to improve the look and texture of these things.  I have them from my waistline halfway down my thighs and they are... READ MORE

Is it noticeable when it wears off and what to tell teen dd

Hello all, I have an appt. to have Juvederm injected into my nasolabial folds for the first time next week.  My only hesitation is the fact that there is no way I can... READ MORE

Do you feel worse when Juvederm wears off?

To any of you who have had Juvederm, did you feel even worse about your looks once it wore off?  I would imagine if you dislike something enough to take the plunge and you... READ MORE

once Juvederm wears off

What happens if you can't continue to upkeep the Juvederm?  I saved up for my initial injections, but don't know if I will have enough extra money to splurge again once... READ MORE

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I can do around 15 minutes Mon-Fri. Do you think this will help with the deep lines around the mouth as well? READ COMMENT

It is very hard to do only one side at a time! Would you suggest stopping Carolyn's program completely for 2 months? READ COMMENT

Do you find Eva Fraser's program to be more effective than Carolyn's facial fitness? My main concerns are deep parenthesis around my mouth, sunken cheeks, and dark undereye circles. I'm not seeing much difference from Carolyn's, but I... READ COMMENT

Finally! I'm not the only one!-LOL! READ COMMENT

Yes, can you please PM me the recipe for the homemade vit c serum and the exercises for laugh lines and cheek plumpers (if there is one.) Thanks! READ COMMENT