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Weight loss after surgery?

I am starting to reach the end of my rope and am finally considering actually doing the sugery. Since I was a teenager I have known I needed to have a breast reduction, right... READ MORE

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I can only tell you for myself, like all of us, I've always known I needed to have the reduction surgery at some point. For me, I haven't been ready until this year and I'm 39 (I'll probably be 40 before I'll have it since I turn 40... READ COMMENT

Awesome, Severn, it sounds like you've had great results! Thank you so much for the information and tips! I am really feeling a DD and that is what size I'm going to discuss about. I called and my regular appointment for my yearly... READ COMMENT

I think you explained it great. When it comes down to it, I'm really not doing it for aesthetic reasons (although perky boobs are a very exciting prospect), I'm doing it for health reasons, they are just too dang heavy to carry... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the info! That is exactly what I was wondering about. When I went bra shopping I had them resize me and ended up with a 38JJ, which fit better. I've thought about it a lot and really want to end up with a D or DD. How are you... READ COMMENT

I wanted to modify my post a bit. I looked at the bra I have been mostly wearing and it is a 40J, they had to cut the band, re-sew, and then dart it, so I guess I don't know what the band is but my guess would be around a 38. After... READ COMMENT