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The good nose experiences i see are where very little was altered. and also with generally, accepted attractive looks. I am ethnic and much of my attractiveness came from my confidence and spirit. My prominent nose was the focus of... READ COMMENT

I was thinking of this surgery. I had rhino 7 years ago which i am not happy about, but i was hoping improving my jaw might help my overall appearance. I had a chin implant at the time also, but now i see i should have opted for this... READ COMMENT

I am suffering with the nose of a primary after 7 years because i fear revision. I think the issue is, when i see someone like ashlee simpson who had basically the same nose i had, its that my doctor should not have touched my tip. I... READ COMMENT

Gooooood Luuuuuuck!!! I will pray for you from here in cyberspace! READ COMMENT

I am 7 years post my primary, with the same issue. Research will tell you that your tip can be reaugmented as the procedure is done on asian noses. Have faith yaya, you will be happy again. After so much time, my nose has lengthened... READ COMMENT