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What Should I Expect From My Results Of Mid-Facial Implants. I Do Not Like My Nose Now

I am 3 weeks post op large terino malar shells 4mm and small 4mm silicone premaxillary implant. The Malars were placed through the mouth and used to augment the submalar cheek... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Placed and Removed One Month Later, How Long Will the Recovery Take?

I had 4mm terino silicone shells and 4mm silicone premaxillary implants placed on sep 2nd and removed on sep 28. What sort of healing process should I expect? How long until... READ MORE

What Can Cause the Skin to Sag After Cheek Implants Are Removed?

I have read that cheek implant removal can cause the skin to sag. If the implants were large 4mm malar shells in the submalar zone and were in for less than a month could this... READ MORE

Will Fat Injections in Marionette Lines Reabsorb? I Don't Like The Results.

I had a tiny bit of fat in my marionette lines 6 weeks ago, it has done nothing to fill the line but looks irregular and bumpy when I smile on the right side, and looks like... READ MORE

Could Post-Surgery Swelling Eventually Influence the growth of Scar Tissue?

I didn't have rhinoplasty but had premaxillary implant put in through an incision in my nose, aswell as cheek implants placed 8 weeks ago and then all removed 3 weeks ago.... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Scar Tissue to Form Around Facial Implant

Does scar tissue form around any type of silicone facial implants in a few weeks weather it be cheek, chin, jaw? If it's removed within weeks will it leave any augmentation READ MORE

What Is The Cause Of Fat Injection Discoloration 2 Months Post-Op?

I had a small amount of fat injected into my marionette lines 8 weeks ago it is lumpy upon animation and seems to have migrated up, there is a grayish discoloration in pictures... READ MORE

Implant Removal Caused Widening Of Nostrils- Options For Alar Base Reduction? (photo)

I had a small premaxillary implant in for a few weeks and had it removed 6 weeks ago, it has changed the appearance of my nostrils and base of my nose, they are wider and flare... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Tissues to Reattach to Cheekbones After Submalar Implant Removal

How long does it take for a capsule to form around cheek implants, and after removal how long does it take for the tissues to reattach to the bones, Also how long does it take... READ MORE

LaViv Verses Selphyl or Prp For Smile Lines, Marionette Lines and Tear Troughs

I am interested in a filler made from my own tissues, since I have had problems with Ha filler in my lips (granulomas) I've also had issues with fat in my marrionette lines, it... READ MORE

What is the Fee for an Alar Cinch Suture is It a Minor Surgical Procedure, is It Reversible?

I had a small premaxillary silicone implant for only 3 weeks, removed over 3.5 months ago, my nose has changed, it is wider at the base with flaring nostrils. I am looking into... READ MORE

What Are Potential Risks of a Reabsorbable Thread Lift?

I would like to try a reabsorbable thread lift to improve my n/f and marionette lines, tear troughs (mid face). Fillers are not an option for me, I am allergic, fat has caused... READ MORE

Are These Perioral Mounds? (photo)

In the last year I have developed strange contours around my mouth, particually when I smile, are they perioral mounds? What can be done to improve it, its worse on one side. I... READ MORE

Perioral Mounds or Irregularity from Fat Transfer to Marionette Lines 11 Months Ago? (photo)

I have a bump above my mouth when I animate and smile on the right side, is there anyway to treat this, to flatten it out and get rid of this irregularity? READ MORE

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Looking for Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist in the Seattle Area Using LaViv

I would like to try Laviv for my smile lines and marrionette lines, possibly tear trouphs if appropriate. Does it have the potential to absorb unevely like fat can or turn to... READ MORE

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Was there any skin bunching on the cheeks after procedure? How long did it take to go away if there was? READ COMMENT

Did he do tissue resuspension with your ori's (midface lift)? I have not heard of him doing them without it. I have had silicone implants removed 6 weeks ago, in the submalar and premaxilllary area, and it hasn't gone back to how it was... READ COMMENT