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Spironolactone Has Been a Miracle Drug for my Skin! Alameda

I have been battling mild, but persistent adult acne for years. I had most of the problem under control with topical medications - I use Finacea in the morning and a prescription retinoid every other night. That combo really helped reduce clogged pores and regular pimples. But, it didn't completely get cysts under control. I was still prone to getting periodic cysts on my chin and jawline.... READ MORE

V-beam Laser Works Great for Me - San Francisco, CA

I've had this procedure done several times now for minor redness and broken capillaries around my nose and cheeks. I first had it done about 10 years ago, and have gone back for tune-ups every couple of years since then. I find that with each treatment, I can go longer until the next touch-up. I just had the most recent treatment done yesterday, and the capillaries are gone, and the redness... READ MORE

Questions from SF_Dancer

Is Swelling And Lumpiness 1 Day After Botox In Chin Normal?

I had Botox injections in my chin yesterday to smooth out the muscle (by a board certified cosmetic surgeon). Today, the muscle that was injected is swollen and lumpy - very... READ MORE

Smiling Looks Odd After Botox In Chin, Will It Subside?

I posted a question about bumps after chin botox a few wks ago.The problem resolved in a few days, and yesterday my Dr. indicated that there was still movement on one side of... READ MORE

Post Radiesse Swelling and Hardness Normal 1 Day Post Op?

I had Radiesse injected 24 hrs ago. I had cheekbone area, nasolabial folds done and also around my mouth and chin to fix rough texture due to collagen loss and mild acne... READ MORE

Soreness 6 Days Post-Radiesse Treatment Normal?

I had Radiesse done in cheekbone area, nasolabial folds and around the mouth and chin areas 6 days ago. I still have some tenderness in an area of the chin that was filled to... READ MORE

Recommendations for Improving Bumpy/Aging Chin Area? (photo)

My chin/mouth is the only place where I see notable aging right now, and it really bothers me a lot. What are my best treatment options for improving this area of my face?... READ MORE

Low Dose Accutane for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

I am 43 yrs old. I started getting mild acne breakouts in my mid 30s, and developed enlarged oil glands on the sides of my chin. About two years ago, I developed another... READ MORE

Indent from Electrodessication for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

I had some hyperplasia spots on my chin treated a week ago. All but the largest spot are healing normally. The largest one is still peeling/scabbing and has a fairly deep... READ MORE

V Beam for broken capillaries on the lip?

I have a few pinprick sized red spots on my lower lip that my doc says are vascular. I've had v beam on my nose and cheeks before and it worked well for me. Is it also safe to... READ MORE

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No facial hair increases for me. But, I'm on a fairly low dose of the med - 50-75 mg a day. READ COMMENT