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Jbush, I had blephroplasty. Please keep us posted on what is going on with you, and if you found a doctor to help you. Again, I wish you good luck! READ COMMENT

I am sorry, Jbush, I didn't have this surgery, but you can talk to your family doctor to see if he or she could recommend someone. Maybe a consulation with a plastic surgeon. Sorry that you have to have a procedure. Good luck! READ COMMENT

I am sorry too, about your experience. Find a nurse who has had a good surgone, and maybe you can have this corrected. I had a botched up eye lift, and the place had it done wanted me to get the same doctor, and I said, "NO, I want... READ COMMENT

Http://www.paneye.com/amarillocataract/cl_anesthesia.html Hope this helps some. READ COMMENT