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Is It Possible to Lengthen Front Two Teeth with a Partial Veneer? (Photos)

After fixing a small chip a dentist removed 2mm from both of my top front teeth resulting in a shorter, rounded look. My original teeth are naturally squared off. My teeth are... READ MORE

What is the Best Retiniod Lotion for Use on the Body? Rx and OTC?

I'm 30 and have been using Tretonin .1 and .05 on my face for several years with great results. I'm looking to for a body lotion with a retinoid in it for daily use to... READ MORE

Zeltiq Demarcation on Upper Abs Near Rib Cage

I am 6wks post-zeltiq on my lower(lrg handpeice)& middle(med. handpeice) abs. I'm seeing a great result, however I have a line of demarcation on my upper abs near the... READ MORE

Crepey Loose Skin Above Knees and Inner Thighs? (photo)

I am 30yrs old with slight wrinkling above the knees and the beginnings of loose skin on the inner thighs. I'm very active with about 23% body fat. As for previous... READ MORE

What is the Average Retention Rate After Invisalign if Retainers Are Not Used? (photo)

I've been doing some research on invisalign. I met with a provider and he stated my case would take 3-4 months to correct with invisalign. Will teeth fully revert back to their... READ MORE

Can a Spring Aligner/Retainer Be Used to Straighten my 4 Upper Front Teeth? (photo)

I have never had braces- my teeth are fairly straight with some crowding on the top. Can a spring aligner (like Inman) be used to "push/tip" them into place? I'm not interested... READ MORE

Invisalign Express 10 Vs Invisalign Express 5 - What is the Difference? (photo)

My orthodontist approved me for Invisalign 10 which will take 5 months. My question is: what is the difference between Invisalign express 10 and Invisalign express 5? Are the... READ MORE