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What is the Process for Liposuction of Buccal Fat?

Can the buccal fat pads be liposuctioned by catheter or does it have to be excised manually from inside the mouth? What is the difference between buccal fat pad removal and... READ MORE

Where Can and Can't You Inject Fat on the Face?

Where can and can't you inject fat on the face? The doctor I recently consulted with told me that fat cannot be injected into the nose tip and chin because fat doesn't... READ MORE

Is the Face Fat What Gives the Face Volume While the Bone and Muscle is What Sculpts the Face?

A few years ago, my surgeon performed some lipo on my face. I didn't like the way it turned out as it removed the entire third dimension of my mid-face area. I have a CT... READ MORE

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Did your second surgeons results last longer than the first? READ COMMENT

Wow. You look great. I'm in dire need of fat transfer. Anyone know of where the fat pockets are located in the face and if it's actual pockets? I went to consult with a doctor and he told me no fat exists in the nose tip and chin so I'm... READ COMMENT

Was the fat transfer done under local? READ COMMENT

What's your normal weight if you don't mind me asking and what fluctuations do you notice change? for ex. My normal weight fluctuates from 105-115: 110 lbs being my steady weight. Would those 5lb fluctuations cause the fat to... READ COMMENT

How are things now James2? For 9 years, the fat on your forehead remained the same? READ COMMENT