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Well whenever u have a chance maybe u can post more pics .....I'm excited for u I'd luv to see pics of Japan to maybe we can be pen pals is Der a way I can send u my FB info or email where its not on here? I just don't want anyone to... READ COMMENT

Understandable :-) n I have a lot of wish pics LOL. I know its not happenin now but I know one day it will n I can't wait :-) but in tha mean time I'm livin my dream threw u so please keep updatin ur experience I luv readin bout it. It... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry dats awful I know how bad u wanted him in tha first place :-(.....I'm a lil jelly wish I could see Japan n have my surgery I literly go to sleep every nite dreamin of what I would look like n how I would feel if I had my... READ COMMENT

Why did u decide to go back to her and not compos? READ COMMENT

Omg I'm so happy dat ur pleased wit ur results ....u give me hope it's been my dream for so long to have dis procedure done I have so many questions...what was tha total cost surgery n hospital stay? Did u have to return for a check up?... READ COMMENT