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This is part 2 of my BBL review. Click here to read part 1 first! hi my bbl sisters, i know its been a few weeks since i have updated but i have been very very busy and on top of that i have been feeling really down during this entire process. at 3 weeks post op, i had to travel to california for a whole week and it was miserable having to stand everywhere i go. then i just didnt care... READ MORE

PART 1: BBL 07/03/12 PICS AND UPDATE! .. 5 week pics on my PART 2

OMG! I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH RUBEN AND IM SOOOO FREAKING EXCITED I SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS! I FEEL LIKE JUMPING ON A TRAMPOLINE AND SCREAMING SOME MORE! HAHAHAHAHAHA OFFICIALLY BOOKED FOR JULY 3, 2012!! Hello BBL sisters! Before I had kids, I used to have a nice full booty and it was a greattt ASSet. I'm 5'5.5" and was 135-140 before kids. then I gained 60 pounds from my... READ MORE

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Hey there love the twins are great. i love them so so much. even though my scars are horrible, its just my body i scar really bad but the over all look is great. as for the butt, everyone compliments my juicy booty but thats when im... READ COMMENT

Hi nini hope you're doing well. the dent really bothers me because you can see it through clothes. if i couldnt see it through my pants or shorts, it wouldnt bother me as much. but i can only wear jeans or something thicker in order to... READ COMMENT

Yes they contacted me back but i have to pay another small fee. its very reasonable so im not complaining. but i will be going next year i have done enough this year already spending money on plastic surgery. READ COMMENT

Aww thanks mamma. that means a lot. i'm gonna send you a pm later and ask you a few things about your round two if you dont mind. READ COMMENT

Girlfriend that ex-husband of yours dont know what he's missing out on! now go and work that donkey and make all the boys come to the yard lol you look fabulous!! READ COMMENT