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How to Know for SURE my Insurance Will Pay for a Deviated Septum, Septoplasty, and Turbinate Surgery??

In Jan I would like to do a rhinoplasty procedure for cosmetic reasons but I also need to fix the problems listed above as a functional portion of my nose I have problems... READ MORE

How Soon After Rhinoplasty Can You Get Chin and Jaw Implant Surgery?

I was wondering how soon after a rhinoplasty surgery, turbinate reduction, and septoplasty surgery can one have jaw implants and chin implant surgery. I would like to do the... READ MORE

Do All Surgeons Charge the Same Amount for Operating Room and Facility Fees and Anesthesia?

I was wondering if surgeons profit from the general anesthesia and operating room facility, These two things seem to dramatically increase the cost of the procedure and seem to... READ MORE

How Many CCs is a Typical Cheek Implant?

I would like to have cheek implants I have flat cheek bones, I have gotten a injection of radiesse which was 1.5 cc, what is the size for most cheek silicone cheek implants? READ MORE

What is the Difference Between the American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Otolaryngology?

I would like to have facial plastic surgery rhinoplasty, chin implant, cheek implants. I would like to know the difference between the american board of plastic surgery and the... READ MORE

Should Men Go to Female Plastic Surgeons?

If the whole goal of plastic surgery is to become more attractive shouldn't men go to women for their procedures? Since women know what will look attractive on a man.... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if my Surgeon Has an Aesthetic Eye? I'm Looking For An Angular Chiseled Masculine Look

I was shocked to recently find out that most plastic surgeons are trained in surgery but not in Aesthetics so how is it possible to find one who is. Typically I have had to do... READ MORE

Are Measurements Used During a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

I am interested in Rhinoplasty. are measurements such as the golden ratio used to determine if the new nose is in harmony with the rest of the face? READ MORE

Can You Get a Chin Implant While Still Having Radiesse in Your Chin or is This Not a Good Idea?

I had a Radieese injection on my chin 6 months ago I know it lasts a year or more, I was wondering if I can get a chin implant next week or is there a higher risk of infection... READ MORE

What is the Treatment for Bone Resorption After a Chin Implant?

I would like to have a chin implant and was wondering if there is a way to avoid bone resorption is this only a problem if you need to have the implant removed due to infection? READ MORE

Does Radiesse Change the Angle and Narrowness of Your Genetic Cheeks?

I was wondering if radiesse can make your cheeks more narrow and make them more angular from what you were actually born with thus providing a more masculine look? READ MORE

What Are my Options for Changing the Shapes of my Cheeks?

I am a male and I have flat cheek bones but I would like to create a more angular and Narrowness to them is my only option cheek implants or would a filler such as radiesse work? READ MORE

I Work As a Telemarketer Will I Be Able to Talk Consistently on the Phone 1 Week After a Chin Implant?

I am on the phone for a few hours a day I'd like to build the lower third of my face, and would like to have a chin implant and jaw implants to improve the angle of the jaw... READ MORE

When Can I Resume Vigorous and Heavy Weight Lifting and Hour Long Cardio Sessions After Rhinoplasty?

I had cosmetic rhinoplasty, both cosmetic and functional my surgery included nasal valve reconstruction, turbinate reduction and Septoplasty last week. I know you can usually... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Change the Sharp Angle of the Jaw Line Behind the Earlobe?

I have heard that Radiesse can can give you a stronger more defined jawline but it cannot change the angle of your jawline the way jaw implants can is this true? READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to the See the Full Visible Results of Chin and Jaw Implants?

I know rhinoplasty takes a full year to see the final results, is the same true for a chin implant and jaw implants due to swelling? READ MORE

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Does Anyone Know Any Surgeons Who Perform Jaw Implants anywhere In the LOS ANGELES area?

I am having a very hard time finding any surgeons who do Jaw Implants in the LA area? Is there a search engine I can find them by medical procedure I cant even find them on... READ MORE