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Will Persistant Redness Eventually Fade After Multiple Vbeam Perfecta PDL Treatments?

I have had several Vbeam Perfecta PDL treatments for a small blood vessel above my lip over the last year. It has been 5 weeks since my last treatment, and at this point, both... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Sagging After Zygomatic Reconstructive Surgery? (photo)

5 weeks ago I underwent reconstructive surgery for repairing my zygoma (cheek) and blow-out orbital floor fracture. My surgeon used a transconjunctival approach. He mentioned... READ MORE

Shingles Scar Forming on Upper Eyelid?

I had an outbreak of shingles about 40 days ago on my upper left eyelid. I took anti-virals, the scabbing, pain/itching is gone, but it's still red and scar tissue has formed.... READ MORE

Breathing Problems After Blunt Trauma to the Eye?

2 months ago I suffered blunt trauma to my left eye. I had reconstructive surgery to my orbital floor and cheek after CT scan results. My left nostril feels obstructed and... READ MORE

Enophthalmos And/or Hypoglobus After Orbital Floor Fracture? (photo)

I am concerned that my eye is displaced after an orbital floor fracture. I had surgery 5+ weeks ago to repair the orbital floor and zygoma. It appears that the injured eye is... READ MORE

I have lower Eyelid retraction, is it correctable?

My lower eyelid was sagging because of scarring from a previous transcutaneous surgery. It was repaired using medfor implant, but the result was the lower lid is still too low.... READ MORE