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Did Titan on Neck But Seems Like No Change - Winter Park

Here's the thing - I want to believe these procedures work like everyone else. I took the jump financially knowing there was a risk. But, I was told over and over I was the ideal candidate and I would see results after 1 treatment but would be most beneficial after two. Problem is there's no evidence that anything occurred. You'd expect something? If the Titan heats the dermal layer beneath... READ MORE

Questions from cht99

Under-Eye Wrinkles Treatment- I've Tried So Many Things, With Poor Results.

I am 33 and looking for what type of treatment I need to correct severe under-eye wrinkling (dynamic). I have been fighting crows feet with botox for the past 3 years. I've... READ MORE

How to Improve Crepey Skin on Face?

I'm in my mid-30s and the skin on my face, especially around the eyes, gathers when I smile or squint. It's very apparent especially in daylight. I've used retin-a... READ MORE

Can Doctors Perform a Test Area/small Injection when Using Fillers?

I've read post after post of doctors and patients talking about whether or not to use fillers for the under-eye area or tear trough. Can doctors inject just enough to see a... READ MORE

Skin Pinch for Lower Eyelin Skin Folds when Smiling?

I am 34.The skin under my eyes is crepey and thin, gathers when I squint and folds and wrinkles when I smile. I've tried botox, various creams, retin-a, and glycolic peels.... READ MORE

What can I do to improve the quality of neck skin that looks crepey & saggy when stretched/ making certain expressions? (photo)

I am 36 and when I stretch my neck out the skin looks old and crepey. It bothers me so much. I realize I don't have excess skin so a neck lift wouldn't help, but that the skin... READ MORE

Recent comments from cht99

I think it's really brave of you to post this and respectful that you didn't put dr name (even though many would argue you should!). Thank you for helping me at least make the decision not to go forward with something like this. What... READ COMMENT

This is great, you have no idea (well, maybe you do). First, he did see Ron already and made his appointment for the procedure. He gave him the "guarantee" speech too, which I told him to get in writing. Now it sounds like you may be... READ COMMENT

Sorry not $2,500 as in money, 2500 grafts and same price as you ($11,500). READ COMMENT

My husband has an appointment at the Bassin center and is very unsure about having it done. They told him $2,500 just like you and price is same...after "discount". Any updates or thoughts on your experience? READ COMMENT

I did! They were to email them to me and never did. I am 36. I did see some lift instantly, but after about 2 weeks it was completely gone and never tightened back up. I was told to wait 6 months for full results. But, nothing. I use... READ COMMENT